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George Cawood

Marketing/Branding and Design/VFX/CGI Consultant

George combines his extensive experience in entertainment marketing with a keen insight into the latest digital production technologies. His background encompasses roles as a director, writer, editor, VFX supervisor, and digital artist, providing him with a comprehensive view of the entertainment industry.


In 2004, he founded Framework Studio, an award-winning Hollywood marketing agency known for its effective campaigns for major studios, networks, streamers, corporate clients and brands. Under his leadership, Framework has gained recognition for its innovative approach to entertainment marketing.


Recently, George has turned his focus to integrating digital technologies such as AI, VR, AR, CGI, and Virtual Production into traditional production and post-production processes. His work aims to enhance storytelling and content quality through these advancements.


In his role as a marketing consultant, George has successfully guided the launch of numerous independent films, documentaries, and branded content series. His strategic insights and practical applications of digital technologies have contributed significantly to the success of these projects.


With a balanced blend of creative vision and technical acumen, George continues to contribute to the evolution of digital storytelling, making him a valuable partner in any content creation endeavor.

‭(310) 386-1933‬

George Cawood
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